What is google Adsense? Basic guide for beginners


What is google Adsense? Basic guide for beginners

Google Adsense is an excellent Ad Network whose parent company is “Google”. This helps us earn money from our blog. Its main work is to cut the part of showing and advertise on the blogs / websites of High Quality Content and more Traffic, giving it to the Blog / Website Owner, which has received this Revenue from Advertising on Blog / Website. It pays to Blogger according to Cost-Per-Click and CPI (Cost-Per-Impression). It posts Advertise on a blog keeping Google Blog Content, User Location and many other Factors in mind. These ads are in the form of Text, Image, Video or Interactive Media Contents.

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The biggest advantage of Google Adsense is that using it can earn money from your blog. When a visitor clicks on the ads placed on your blog, you get the money. The second biggest benefit is to be easy. Getting Google Adsense Approval for the first time is a bit daunting task, but once you approve it, you will not have any problems if you follow its rules. Being a Contextual Ad Network is a benefit. Contextual Ad Network means that it only applies ads related to your blog’s Niche / Field blog. For example, on a blog related to a Car Reviews, Google Adsense will also use ads related to cars such as Car Loan Ad, Car’s Ad, Tyre’s Ad etc. This increases the likelihood of clicking these ads, and increasing your clicks increases your income. It also uses another method to show ads called Cookie Method. In Cookie Method, it shows ads based on Visitor’s Search History. This method also increases the likelihood of clicking.
Apart from this, the biggest advantage of Google Adsense is that it makes you pay directly in your bank account.

How much money can Google make from ADSENSE?

Nobody can answer the question of how much money can be earned from Google Adsense. Your earnings depend on CPC (CPC) and CPC is never the same. Even Google Adsense can not predict how much money you can make per-click because Google Adsense CPC depends on many factors. CPC or lower than your blog’s Niche or Topic. Areas with high CPCs, Health, Finance and Legal etc. while Jokes, Movies, and Facts are areas with low CPCs. Technology and Computers are regions with moderate CPC.
The origin of the traffic of your blog is also the reason for the higher or lower CPCs. If most of your blog comes from a Developed country like Traffic USA, then its CPC will be higher, but if your traffic comes from countries like India or Nepal, then your blog’s CPC will be lower. This is because Purchasing Power of developed countries is more than those of developing countries. There are some factors that affect your CPC, such as the location of ads, Ad Blending, and the type of ads (Text, Image, Videos) etc. These can also be optimized by some methods.

What is the ADSENSE PIN and why is it necessary?

Adsense PIN is a 4 digit code that Google Adsense sends to your address by post. This PIN is sent to your AdSense account when it’s $ 10. When you receive the PIN, you have to log in to Google Adsense through it. This is actually sent to Verify your address. If you do not get this PIN at a time, then you can try it twice more. PIN is sent three times in a row and if you do not receive it in three times, Google Adsense will ask you to upload the ID Card and after uploading the ID you will not need a PIN.


Yes, once your Google Adsense Account is approved, you can use it on Unlimited Domains. Not only on blogs, you can also use the same account on Youtube and other Google Adsense products. You do not need to create separate Adsense accounts for every blog, service or product.


Google Adsense places different payment options for different countries like EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Western Union Quick Cash and Cheque facility etc. In India, it is paid by the Cheque and EFT facility. This makes you pay only when your $ 100 is completed. While the checks issued by it may take 20-25 days to reach your address in India and for the next few days, it takes place in Clearence. Adsense is constantly increasing its payment options.


To add your bank account to Google Adsense, follow the steps below:
1. Sign in to Adsense Account
2. Click on the Gear icon
3. Select the Payments option
4. Now click on the Payment Setting option located in the side bar
5. Visit the Available Forms of Payment section
6. Click Add New Bank Account option here.
7. Fill your details and click on Proceed Button
8. Check the details of your bank account again.
9. Submit
10. Your Bank Account will be added

When does Google Adsense PAYMENT?

Google Adsense usually calculates your previous month’s earnings on 2th of every month and sends money to your bank account on 21st. These money can take up to 4 days to one week to arrive in your account. Sometimes it may take more time for the holidays in the middle but if it is more than 10 days then contact your bank.

What’s the purpose of SWIFT CODE in ADSENSE?

Swift Code is required when payment is being made in the second currency from your foreign bank account. It is alloted to the branches by the bank. But there is no Swift Code of small towns or rural areas. They are alloted IFSC Code. Swift Code is not mandatory to receive payment from Adsense in India. You can also get payment by IFSC only.
If you have more questions in your mind then you may ask us.


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