Patanjali Bra Reality and Fake News


for some previous days, people are searching lots of queries about Patanjali Bra. in this article we will tell you the different product people searching for the name of Patanjali and Baba Ramdev

Patanjali Bra

Summer breaks records of past years every year. There is a similar situation this time too. Summer heat is that AC and cooler are also being proved ineffective.

But there is someone who is trying to break this summer. He is none other but Baba Ramdev who has launched this summer to get rid of Patanjali’s Herbal Tights – Keep it cool in the heat.

Baba Ramdev has made this special lunar from watermelon. Yes, watermelon, which is the result of a heat and is known for its coolness. So now Patanjali used this watermelon to make herbal tights, which is specially made for children.

Patanjali Bra Reallity and Fake News
Patanjali Bra Reality and Fake News

Patanjali wearing herbal trunks, a child doing yoga.

Look at the photos to see how these herbal trunks look and how to wear it.
Patanjali spokesman Acharya Jugaad Krishna said that these herbal trunks have been specially made for children but after seeing its effect in children, it will also be made for big people.

On this occasion, Jugaad Krishna displayed a prototype of Patanjali’s Herbal Ladies Bra. The unique model of this unique Herbal Ladies Bra Patanjali was performed by wearing it.

By the way, you have seen or heard every product of Patanjali.

But some mischievous people have created Patanjali’s new and awkward products, which you will see if you will not stop without a laugh. Some Patanjali beer, Patanjali Bra, Patanjali umbrella, and whatever you will not even think. Baba Ramdev can also be shocked by looking at these photos.

Let’s take a look at these new funny products of Patanjali who have given a great look to the artists of Photoshop.

Patanjali Bus


The purpose of this article is to entertain, satirize and take a look at the system and not defame anyone.


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