How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

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How to Increase Facebook Page Likes by Making it Viral


Facebook with more than a billion users is the world’s most famous Social Media Network. Each brand is on Facebook for only one reason, and that is the reason to increase your business.
Anyone can promote their Business, Website or Blog by creating Facebook Page. You will be surprised to know that many websites and blogs are such that 70-80traffic comes from facebook only.
The most important feature of social media like facebook is that if you have content, you can easily reach millions of people in a very short time.
But only after creating a Facebook Page will your business start to grow.
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For this you have to make your Page Viral. Making Facebook Page Viral is as easy as it seems, but not so much. For this, you have to work with complete Dedication and Determination. Nowadays, many online marketing companies are spending their daily budget on Facebook. Many companies spend Traditional SEO Campaigns on their SEO Budget Facebook only. It is also acceptable because Clients want engagement from people from the very first day.
Facebook is easy for everyone to understand. Often we blow our money on Facebook Ads and other SMM Freelancers, but today we are going to tell you a trick from which you can spend your money without spending millions of people in a few months.



A Facebook Viral Community is a very valuable asset for your Facebook Page. These are the people who share mostly the good post, which is a huge growth in your Facebook Page within a few months.
You should only join the right community at the right time. You must have Fresh and Viral Content Post to join these Viral Community.
If you have ever visited the famous Facebook page of Blogs, you may have noticed that the main strategies of those blogs have been that they post only Fresh and Viral Content.
Facebook has always been the policy to keep Fresh and Viral Content at the top. The more people share your post, the faster it will reach the Viral Community. For a new Facebook Page, it is necessary to add people by posting Viral Contents such as Jokes, Pictures and videos.
Let’s now go ahead and discuss your page in 30 days on making Viral Techniques.

How to make your access to VIRAL COMMUNITY?

You are probably thinking that every time someone can post Fresh and Unique Content. That’s the key to success. You should get unique content that is not published anywhere else than your page. You should take care of one thing and keep in mind that you have to target the right audience at the right time.
For this, you have to do Viral Content Post which will attract people. At the beginning, engagement with fans will be less, but when you start walking in the right direction, it will be easy.
You can also follow other Viral pages, but do not steal their content but make pictures or videos by yourself.


In your mind, there might have been a question like the others. What more post on Facebook, Pictures or Videos? Nearly all Facebook pages connect to their visitors, only pictures are posted, but the most videos in Facebook are Viral. People like watching videos in Facebook so you should post videos as much as possible.
If you like one of your videos, then it can reach millions of people in a while and increase your Facebook Page’s thousands of Likes.
There are also many sites for videos in which the most prominent Youtube is. You can share videos with them too, which can push your content towards the Viral Community. But you have to take care of Copyright Issue, because Facebook bans copyrighted videos.


Surprise Element of Your Page only helps to make your Page Viral. To give Surprise Element to Page, you should say that Wow !, Amazing, Incredible, Awesome, Unbelievable, lol and OMG in Post Titles! Like Surprising Words should be added. But avoid doing so in each of your posts. Be careful in choosing your Surprising Factors, which will attract people towards your Page. Choosing the right title will help you to make your Facebook page viral. People always want to see what they have never seen, so it is always important for a Wow Factor Page. You can also add smiley to title.

Where to get VIRAL CONTENT?

The answer to this question is as simple as the answer. You will receive countless videos on the Internet, but it is hard to decide which of them can be Viral. All you have to do is post a comment on your Facebook page that gives you entertainment or information.
To get viral content or videos you can search on Youtube, Public Forums and other websites, but you have to keep in mind that the content has not been published on Facebook recently and there is no such copyright issue in that content. Is not what Facebook can catch.

What to do after VIRAL CONTENT POST?

Once Viral Content is received, post it immediately on your Facebook Page without waiting. Share it in your Profile immediately after posting You can also share viral content on your friends’ Facebook Wall, which do not mind this. If you want the visitors to your page to share to your post, then first you have to share your content yourself. This will attract Viral Communities towards your content.


Most people do not know the power of Facebook Groups. You will find many Open Groups on Facebook, which have millions of members and they allow posts of Members. You have to connect with 10-15 groups and share your content in these groups. But keep in mind that first of all, post or publish the video on your Facebook page, then share that Facebook Post in Group, because by doing so, your facebook page will show in those groups and Likes will increase on your page.


People mostly publish their post on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and the most appropriate time to post is Early Evenings. To make your content viral, you should post it at around 5.00 pm IST. You can also use Facebook Insights, a useful feature of Facebook Pages, to see if the most viewers are Engage from your Page. Schedule your Viral Post according to insights.


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