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How to start RO Water Plant Business At Your Owens

Friends, you have often seen that small containers laden with water containers run on the streets. Their job is to bring water jars or cans to shops and homes.

This is a fast spreading business, i.e. a lot of people are trying their hands in this business and starting it by putting their own capital.

RO In the business of Water Plant:

  • You place an RO plant on some place.
  • You fill filtered water with that container in a container (cool cage, cool jug, jar or transparent bottle).
  • And then deliver them to their customers.
  • Once you have used water you have to take back your container again.
  • And you charge for this service per jar.
  • Generally, the work of bringing water and empty bottles is done by trains like Tata Ace and Tempo, but if the order is nearby then the water is also delivered from the bicycle or any two-wheeler.

In the last 15-20 days I met 3-4people doing this business, I had to go round four times to meet a gentleman! Well, today I am sharing information from these people with you:

What to do if this business is to start?

1) Business place:

To apply a plant, to keep transparent bottles, cool cage, chiller, etc, you need at least 1000 square feet of fit. The area will also depend on how much capacity you are putting the RO Water Plant. Capacity means your machine filters over 500 liters of water or 1000liters per hour (LPH) or more.

Normally the prisoners who work on the plant are also living there, so you will have to see the place from this angle.

2) Commercial commercial connection:

You have to take a commercial connection to run your plant. You will have to spend 14-15 thousand rupees for connection.

3) Boring:

Since this is a business of water, you have to bore the water to get water and it will have to put a tank to store it. Depending on the amount of boring, it will depend on the underground water level in your area. Here, borching 200 feet in Gorakhpur costs 6-7thousand rupees.

If you are thinking that I will be working with water from the government water supply, then this can be a little risbee, because if there is any problem in water supply then your business can be badly affected.

Here is a good thing from a plant owner that you keep the provision of water harvesting so that the ground water of the place is not bad due to you.

4) RO Plant and Chiller:

Basically you have to take two machines – a machine for filtering a water and a chiller to cool the other water.

There are many players for RO plants. From some small companies of Delhi-Kanpur to some machines, many branded companies work on these machines.

In this work your expenditure can come from 2.5 to 5 million.

5) Containers:

To deliver the water you will need to take transparent bottles, jars, thermos or cool cages.

A 15 liter cool cage will cost around 475. Most of these are supplied in the shops.

You have to spend 120 rupees for a 20liter transparent jar. People like to take them home.

Do not squeeze more money in taking containers and take containers of better quality, because they have to go through a lot of people’s hands and if the quality is not good then they will become unusable soon.

6) Stickers:

The jars you give in the market should have a sticker sticking to your company name, which you can also give your address and mobile number. So, before starting the work, print it too.

7) Staff:

You will need people to do this work. The people I spoke to had a staff of 3 to 7people.

  • Driver- the number of drivers the vehicle will need.
  • Helper – which will carry water with the driver and also bring empty containers back.
  • Cleaner – which will pay attention to cleanliness and overall cleanliness of the containers.

Well a man can do many things, but at the beginning if you are willing to do all the work yourself, then you must keep 1-2men.

8) Cart to deliver water:

To get water, you have to take a car like a tempo or a Tata Ace. By the way, you can use any 2 wheeler or bicycle to get water in the surroundings. If you are thinking of buying a new car or getting a finance, then you will fall between 2.5 and 5million.


In the beginning, people make market through personal contacts and try to make customers by themselves, but usually do nothing differently in plant owner advertisements. They say that when a car is moving, it gets promoted automatically. More than that, they stick to stickers that are pasted on containers even in the market place. Many times, people do not do much publicity because of this, because they do not have the capacity to serve more customers.

Government work:

Must undertake government work to start any business. In this business you:

  • Have to take commercial power connection
  • Since you are working on selling water you have to pay sales tax.
  • If you are keeping people at work here, you have to register yourself in the labor department.

Well, many people are doing these things without following these rules, but they have to pay attention to their work.

What are the expenses in doing this work?

If you are thinking of starting this business, then you must know the costs involved in it:

  • Salary: You have to spend 5-7thousand months on a person.
  • Electricity: 5-10 thousand months, again it depends on plant size, etc.
  • Diesel: 9-10 thousand if your circulation has increased to 100-150 customers. By the way, it will depend on many things: location of the plant and the customers, the average of the car, the price of oil, etc.
  • Car insurance
  • Maintenance of the machine: These amounts were not correctly detected; if someone told the equivalent, then someone told several thousand. By the way, it will depend on your machine and its capability for a lot of quantity. For instance, the machine weight of 500LPH machine will be less than 1000LPH.
  • Renting place: This will also place to place differ. All I got from was in my place, it was not working at a rented place.

And now the biggest question – how much can this earn from this business?

Friends, frankly telling, I thought that this business would have a lot of profits … after all, water has to be given, margins will be enough … but the reality is different, though Gorakhpur is a reality, so if you are thinking of doing this work It would be better if you know the reality of your place.

Due to high competition, the rate has to be kept low and there are so many accidents that save very little money.

Understand, if you deliver water of 1lakh rupees, you can get 20thousand rupees per month.

Let’s make 150 regular customers by working hard and take 1 container from you everyday, which you give in 15 rupees; So your earnings of the month:

= 150x30x15 = Rs. 67500

You save only 15-20 thousand by removing salaries, fare, electricity bills, diesel, maintenance and other expenses.

While hard work seems to be very high in this work.

At 5 o’clock in the morning, you should be at the plant, only then you will be able to fill water in the containers and send it from the trains. And after that you have to get the containers to be cleaned and cleaned, you have to keep account of the money, you have to see the problems related to the staff … and by chance If there is a problem in the machine, then ask for it.

And also keep in mind that no matter how big a person you are, a customer can listen to you on the phone or on the face and you have to listen!

High Profit Scenario:

There is a cinereo that your customers get very high, in this case you can get a good profit.

I got one of the oldest and big plants in Gorakhpur and tried to know their earnings. Those who were bosses started crying crying that there is no earning … barely 20 thousand rupees are found … just run like this. He may have thought of me as an income tax man or a competitor!

But when I talked alone with his staff, he came to know that he has 550 container supplies even during the winter season, this figure rises in the summer. If we average 600container @ Rs. If you count the circulation of 15, then the month’s calculation becomes something like this:

600x30x15 = Rs. 270000

Even if all the expenditures were given out of it, lakhs of rupees would still be saved.

And if you are a place where per bottle gives more money, then what is the matter!

You may be excited by seeing these numbers, but keep in mind that it may take many years for you to take such a circulation everyday, so keep in mind those challenges that are in the beginning.

People who have RO Water Business in two ways:

First, those who are their own and are doing their best. Such people are filling the containers themselves, reaching customers and doing every small task related to it.

Secondly, those who have just invested money and through a manager are doing this business.

If you are planning to come into this business, then according to your budget and current involvement, you have to think that you will do it by yourself or by keeping a prisoner.

Business relationship of time and water

Cells will be reduced in winters and sales will increase in summer. You can earn good in marriage, marriage, birthday etc. Because at this time you get bulk orders and at the same time the rate of water for parties is much higher than the normal rate.


I did not have exact numbers, but people said that many RO plants closed within 1-2 years of opening. Well this is the story of almost every business, so there is no need to fear it, but it is necessary to put your efforts into it by thinking of it.

Problems related to this business:

Labor Problem: This is a labor intensive job. On every step you need a man who works:
  • Fill the water in the containers
  • Plating the filled containers on the train
  • Carrying a car
  • Take them off and give it to the customer, which also involves climbing the stairs with water.
  • Rolling back car
  • Cleaning of everyday containers

The biggest challenge to this task is to manage men. Since hard work is very much in this work, so do not meet those who work very quickly and if they meet then leave soon. Many times they disappear without informing them, and sometimes misbehave with the customers and make your business quadruple. So to do this work successfully, labourers will have to manage properly. Those who do this business often have to do all the work themselves, for which they have kept the man – if the driver is not there then the car must be run, if the workers are not there, then clean the containers and deliver it.

High competition:

There is a lot of competition in this business, at least in my city. There are two RO plants within my 300 meters of my house. When new players come in, they reduce rates to market capture, due to which the older players also have to reduce the rates. This is the reason that the 15 liters of water that was ever sold 20 has to be given in 15 only.

Please note that these are the rates of Gorakhpur, where you are thinking of doing this work, the circumstances can be totally different from here. For example:

  • When I was in Chennai in 2012, I got 20 liters in Can 30.
  • 2014 In Indore the same can get me 70, although this was from Bisleri company, so the rate was high.
  • And Ghaziabad got the same Can 40 of me.

Maybe because of the competition, the rates are up and down. Basically, you should see the rates of your area and if they are already very few then you should think about putting hand in this work many times.


The cool cages you get for supplying the water are 450-500. And if some are old, problems begin to come … cracked from somewhere and sometimes leaks or if it does not handle properly then it also breaks.

Along with this there is a problem of disappearing or being replaced by a bad can. For all these reasons, a few thousand rupees can be useless every month.

Business of Pouch and Packaged Mineral Water:

A work similar to this work is the business of selling mineral water in pouch or 1 liter bottle. However, I did not know anything about this work, but if you want to know about them then you can think of doing it too.

Friends, this was the information related to starting RO Water Plant. Summarize it –

  • For this business, you must keep at least 6-7 lakh rupees.
  • Be prepared for loss or very little profit initially.
  • Be prepared for too much work.

I hope those who are interested in this work will be able to get some help from the things shared here and they will decide whether they want to start this work or not.

Thank You!

Note: If you are already doing RO Water Business business and would like to share any information with us, then please comment.

Note: The information given about Ro Water Plant Business is presented on the basis of conversation with some people. It is possible that the reality is different from the things mentioned here, so before starting this work, find out about it yourself well.

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