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in this article, i will introduce you to backlinks, How to create backlink ? what are backlinks | SEO and the importance of backlinks. If you’ve read somewhere about SEO or are a Newbie Blogger, then you’ll be very familiar with the word “Backlinks“. You may also have thought about what is Quality Backlink? and what is its importance in SEO? To increase the traffic of your websites, you use the On-Site / On-Page SEO Techniques such as Keywords, Meta Description, etc. but due to lack of information, Ignore the importance of backlinks.

Backlinks are very important for your blog because search engine checks the Authority of any website based on backlinks. Backlinks are an important factor in determining the search rank of the website by the search engine.

what are backlinks ?

Backlinks, as clearly as the name, are links that connect your webpage to another webpage. The second page can be on your own website and also on any other website. The link appearing on any other page that visitors visit on your page is called Backlink. They are also called Inbound Links (IBLs). These are called Backlink because they point your page back to another page.

Backlinks that are located in our own domain, they are called Internal Links and Backlink located on another website called External Link. With proper use of quality backlinks, your website’s Search Engine Ranking is greatly improved.

Backlinks also help Search Engine to find links to your website and access them to your website. Especially for a new website or blog, it is also important to create quality backlinks because they make quick search and indexing of your site easy for Search Engines. At the same time, they send Refferal Traffic to your website or blog, which is Targeted Traffic and its Bounce rate is very low.

how to get quality backlinks

Quality Backlinks are those backlinks that come from a High Page Rank website and from a website that is related to the content of your blog. As if you are blogging on Health Niche, then backlinks are important to you, which you are getting from other high-ranking pages from Health Websites.

A High-Quality Backlinks can be 1000 times more effective than any Normal Backlink. Quality Backlinks are very important for improving our website’s Search Rankings. If your content is getting Organic Backlinks from a Good and High Page Rank website, then the probability of getting a higher position in the search engine ranking increases manifold than that of other pages of that Page or Content. Therefore, it should be your goal to create quality backlinks to your homepage and other pages.

How to create backlink:


Sometimes SEOs do not have any benefit in SEO even after creating many backlinks to your blog or website. The only reason for this is that their backlinks do not have quality backlinks. For example, your website is about Technology Reviews and you have created your Backlink on a website related to Dog Care. Such backlinks will not bring much profit in your SEO in any way. Because Search Engine’s Quantity along with Backlink also sees the similarity of both the hosting site and the Targeted Site. You can use the following Ways to create quality backlinks –


Guest Blogging is one of the best ways to Generate Quality Backlinks. This is the most commonly used method. You will have to search for some famous blogs related to the topic of your website that accept Guest Posting. Then write an Attractive and Informative Post on those blogs and include a link to your blog in that post. This will not only give you a good backlink, but visitors of that website will read your posts and get attracted to your website.


Commenting on other blog posts is also a great way to get Backlink. Just keep in mind that the blog supports Do-Follow Links. Do-Follow Links means those links which benefit us from backlinks. Not all blogs support Do-Follow Links, and therefore we do not get any Referral from the comments made on them. So, we should comment on more than Do-Follow Blogs.


Some disciplined platforms are also very helpful in generating Quality Backlinks. The most prominent of these are, and Yahoo Answers. Take part in discussions related to your Blogging Niche running these Discussion Platforms, answer questions logically and leave a link to your website there. People affected by your response will visit your website.


Make great use of Blogging Communities such as Indiblogger, DoSplash, Inbound and Blog Engage. Post the content of your website on them. If your content is good and informative, you will receive Upvotes. This will improve your search engine rankings, as well as the backlink of your website on these communities will increase the traffic to your website.

EXCHANGE links to other BLOGGERS related to your NICHE:

Link Exchange with other bloggers related to the area of your website. This will also give backlinks to your website. In Link Exchange, two bloggers place each other’s links in their own blog post, both of which receive quality backlinks. It’s a free and easy way to get quality backlinks and also has Guarunteed SEO Boost.


Internal links are quality backlinks we use to give a link to the second post in a post of our website. If they are used well then there can be significant improvement in the search engine rankings. Search Engine Ranking is determined by your keywords, visitors, and the time they spend on your website. The biggest benefit of Internal Links is that it helps to take Visitor from one post to another, this lets the visitor spend more time on your website. This way your Search Rankings improve.

Apart from these methods, you can also use Social Media, Blog Directories and Public Forums to get quality backlinks. Quality backlinks prove to be increasing traffic and always useful in SEO.
i hope you like this article How to create backlink ? what are backlinks and SEO techniques further, if you need any help feel free to ask


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