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How to buy online at cheap rate? online shopping tips and ways to be safe when online buying

A shocking news came in the Economic Times a few days ago-

Flipkart makes a one-day record of ₹ 1.4k million in sales

That is, one thousand four hundred crore sales in a day … OMG!

Friends, today’s era is an age of online shopping! And this phenomenon is not limited to cities, but people are shopping online in villages and villages because of smart phones and cheap data plans! Today small and big and big companies are trying their luck in this field.

For some years before, people had to rely on brick and mortar shop to shop, and if they wanted to get a discount on the purchase, they had to wait a long season season. But when the time changed, technology changed, people’s shopping method changed too. Now, whenever you want, you can buy your favorite product with one click, and soon the product reaches your door. Just pay the money and take the product. This simple form of online shopping is increasingly attracting people to it.

Online shopping advantages:

1. Time restriction: Online shopping does not bind you in time. You can shop online whenever you want.

2. Finishing the requirement: If you are connected to the Net and you have a smart phone or laptop then you can shop from anywhere. Just have to give you the correct address to deliver the goods.

3. Cash Flow Transaction: Carrying money or cash card in this era can be risky. If you use cash card for offline shopping then there is a possibility of cloning or data theft of your cards. On online shopping, cash on delivery (COD) option gives you freedom from these concerns. Order any product and pay only if the product is available.

4. Big discount on products (anytime): Almost all online shopping portals offer discount to their customers. Some 20%Off, no 40% off and sometimes they offer discounts up to 80%.

5. Time saving: Getting out on the roads today means trapping in traffic jams. In such a way, online shopping saves us valuable time.

6. Many options: You can buy almost every company’s products on shopping portals, while not every goods on the same shop in the market.

How does the companies discount so much?

It can be understood as such-

We believe the company’s manufacturing cost (such as labor costs, rentals, salaries, water and light bills etc) comes to 1000rupees in making a product. After that, the company sells this product to a distributor or wholesaler at a rate of Rs. 1250 at a profit of 20-25%.

Then the distributor or wholesaler sells the retailers with a unit rate of 1560 rupees than the profit of 20-25% on that product.

Now retailers sell the product from Purchasing Value i.e. 1560rupees for all the expenses of the shop or showroom such as freight, AC, labor expenditure, rent and their profit from 50-60% to 2500 rupees.

That is, as much as the product approaches the customer through hands, the increase in the price of the product will increase. Similarly, the value of any product in the offline market is determined.

I.e. Traditional market works like this:

· Company made ₹ 1000
· Company delivered to Distributor / Wholesale ₹ in 1250
· Distributor given to retailer ₹ in 1560
· Retailer has given to the customer ₹ 2500
That is, the value of the products found in the shopping mall or show room is so high because they have to go through several steps from construction to final consumer. At each stage, its value increases by 20-25%.

Whereas the online market is Direct Market. To get any product, online companies directly contact Manufacturing Company and Purchase that Product in the Wholesale Price. The online companies have a direct cost of Rs 1,250 on that product, because online companies do not have to bear the expense of the showroom and neither the agent has to pay his fee.

That means online market works like this:
  • Company made ₹ 1000
  • Flipkart, given to the company like Amazon and Snapdeal ₹ in 1250

These companies got a discount of the product according to the MRP i.e. 2500and the end customer got the product with huge discounts.

Ways to Save Money During Online Shopping

1) Use the Coupon Code and Discount Offers: Online companies keep running a discount offer for twelve months. To avail this, you can search discount offers on Google or find Latest Coupon and Discount Deals directly from Coupon Aggregators Websites.

2) Support Price Comparison Website: If you are planning to buy a smartphone, laptop or home theater, then before buying, check the value of the product at Price Comparison Website once. There you can find information about different products of that product on different online shopping websites on the same page. Save the money by buying that product from the website offering the lowest value.

3) See deal on social sites like Facebook, Twitter: Flipkart is a social page for companies like Amazon, where they give latest Discount offer information directly to their followers. Apart from this, you can follow the latest search queries like Coupon Aggregator Websites like @searchmycoupon and get information about the latest coupon and offers.

4) Visit the Cashback Website: By Regular Purchasing from websites like Cashkaro.com, you can get Cashback. But this cashback will be available only after 2 months of Purchasing.

How to stay safe during online shopping? / Online Shopping Safety Tips

Friends, when talking about online shopping, talk about Online Shopping related to Safety Tips must be talked about.

Do you know? India is fourth in the case of fast growing cyber crime in the world.

So it is very important to know about online shopping safety tips, let’s see them:

1) Shopping Site Encrypted: When shopping on a shopping website, please ensure that the shopping site is encrypted.

When a web site is encrypted, its URL is marked with a lock and it is open in HTTP and open in HTTPS i.e. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which ensures that your connection is private with that web site, In which no third party or hackers can gloss over.

Friends, note that there is a website that does not have all the pages encrypted. But there is no scary thing. Just keep in mind that the payment page of that web site is encrypted. If possible, choose COD for payment method.

2) Stay away from spelling related websites: Hackers in India are the most likely to be charging thousands of millions of rupees in this manner. Well, such cases are the biggest headache for insurance companies.

Recently, many people got fake mail from IRDAI.org, while IRDAI’s real website is IRDAI.gov.in.

Similarly, note that you are not visiting Flipkart instead of flipkart? If not, here it is Flipkart.org that matches your Inbox, be careful. Often hackers ask you to update payment methods through such mails and steal your important information.

If you click on the link for that mail, then perhaps a form will open, in which you will be asked to complete the said action.

As soon as you submit the form, you will have all your data passed to the hackers. You may also have to face financial loss.

3) Do not use Wi-Fi: Do not use Wi-Fi in the hotels, railway stations, cyber cafes, during online shopping, otherwise Wi-Fi Honors can spy on your online activities. This can lead to important information about the debit cards used for online payment.

4) Keep the antivirus software up to date: If you are surfing online without installing an antivirus in your phone or laptop, you may be a victim of any online fraud or malware. Install Quick Heal or Avast Antivirus right now. If you want a free antivirus, install Microsoft’s Microsoft Security Essentials as well as update from time to time.


Online shopping is a great way to save convenience and money. It is important that we get good deals during online shopping and be completely safe. I hope that the information given here in this direction will definitely work for you.

If you also know some of the safest tips online, then please share with us through the comments.
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