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Hands Trembling: Hands of vibrations signify these 5 diseases

Due to lack of exercise and bad eating habits in changing lifestyle, most people are troubled by some physical problem. Without proper eating habits, there is weakness in the body. Without physical workouts, the body stops working properly.

You have seen many times when you constantly work or become angry, your hands and feet start shivering. This thing is generally ignored by people as normal.

Earlier, the problem of trembling hands and feet was only for the elderly. But nowadays this young people are also getting started. If we look at its common causes, it is due to the numbness in the body due to weakness, leanness, fatigue etc.

But it is not necessary that only weakness is due to it, because there may be other reasons for trembling hands. Today we are telling you the reason of Trembling of Hands.

Trembling of Hands: Why is your hand trembling?

If you have a hand, then it is fine, if the problem persists, then there is a danger of a major disease. Therefore it is necessary to treat it in time. Below, what can be the health problem behind trembling hands?

blood pressure

  • Both hands and feet begin to cut in both cases, due to lower or higher blood pressure.
  • During hypertension, blood circulation increases in the body, causing the hands to tremble.
  • If you have trouble with this for a long time, then you should check your blood pressure with a good doctor.


  • Shaking hands and feet due to anemia is a very common symptom. The lack of blood in the body is called anemia.
  • In this problem, patients come weakness which leads to tremors.
  • If you have been feeling weakness for many days and you are trembling of your hands, then you can check it out with the doctor.


  • By staying in extreme stress or tension for a long time, the level of hormones called cartisol increases in the body.
  • With the growth of this hormone, blood circulation worsens and it becomes the Causes of Shaking Hands


  • Do you know that due to stroke many people die. It affects any part of the body.
  • Stroke patients also have many problems such as difficulty walking, difficulty in speaking, excessive headaches, paralysis in a part of body and cutting of hands.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

  • Due to the lack of vitamin B12, the body is weak, which causes the hands to tremble.
  • With this, Kapakpi starts in the entire body too.
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