How Rich People Think ? 6 thoughts of Rich people !

Why is it that most of the world’s wealth is in the hands of a few people. If you take care of certain things related to money then money can become your slave too. Steve Seibold is the author of the book ‘How Rich People Think’. He has taken interviews of World’s richest 1200 people

4 Most inspiring stories that can change your life

Stories That Can Change Your LIfe Today I am presenting some true stories which can change our life ………… .. Stories That Can Change Our Life These stories prove that nothing is impossible …………………………  MOTIVATIONAL HINDI KAHANI-1ELEPHANT ROPE STORY Do you know when the elephant’s child is small then it is tied with thin and

Top successful entrepreneurs With No College Degree

Top successful entrepreneurs With No College Degree In India, if you do not have a degree in a good college and you are not working in a good company, people do not respect you. If you are thinking of separating something other than becoming an engineer, MBA, doctor or chartered accountant, then get ready to

10 Inspirational Life Thoughts from MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – A wonderful leader, a good player and a good person. Nobody thought that a boy born in the middle-class family of “Ranchi”, a boy from India, will be surrounded by the world on his own stubbornness. Dhoni is more than a “cricket player”, who has proved that if you trust yourself