Baba Ramdev launches Patanjali SIM card with 5 lakh insurance cover


Yoga guru Baba Ramdev will now make a comeback in the telecom sector. On Monday, Ramdev’s company has launched the country’s first indigenous prosperity Patanjali SIM card. At present, this Patanjali¬†SIM card will be available to employees of Patanjali Ayurveda Company only. In a few months it will be launched for the general public throughout the country.

Patanjali sim card:

patanjali sim card
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Patanjali Tieup done with BSNL

Patanjali has started SIM card with tieup with BSNL. Baba Ramdev announced this at an event organized at Haridwar. Baba Ramdev said that since BSNL has an indigenous network and the purpose of both the companies is the prosperity of India, therefore their company has tieuped with BSNL for patanjali sim.

10 percent discount

Customers using Patanjali SIM will get a discount of 10 percent for purchasing Patanjali goods. Customers will get 2 GB data, 100 SMS and unlimited calls for recharge of 144 rupees.

Insurance for 5 lakh

Customers using this patanjali SIM card will be given life insurance of Rs. 5 lakhs and health insurance cover of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. Will sell, target of 5 thousand crore

Ramdev spokesman SK Tijarawala said that he is going to open his shops of indigenous clothes soon. The entire range will be available for children, women and men in these stores. The company has set a target of Rs 5000 crore for the sale of the first year. Tijarawala said that the company will sell the clothes made from a machine, in addition to hand-woven fabrics, in the first place, which will include clothes made from denim.

Apparel will be the name of the new store

Tijarawala said that his store name will be garment. Initially 250 stores will be opened After this, they will be expanded. Patanjali’s clothes will be sold to other retail outlets like Khadi Bhawan, including the Big Bazaar.

Patients will be made keeping in mind

Baba Ramdev says that he wants to expel foreign companies from India. Patanjali’s project is to make every product that foreign companies are selling in India. Ramdev is already in the Indian market, in a matter of making products for the purpose of Made In India.

According to the news, Patanjali is not only preparing to bring the jeans but also the quotes to the market till the nappy. Clothing will be made keeping in mind the patients.

Patanjali Agreement with Facebook, Google

If there is a problem in buying Patanjali products then sitting at home you can order online for Facebook or from Google. Baba Ramdev has tied up with two big online tech companies for this.

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