Top 10 Amazing facts about India You should know


Top 10 Amazing and Interesting facts about India

In this article you will find Amazing facts about India. India is behind the world in terms of development, but there are some things in India which separates India from the world. India is one of the world’s oldest contemporaries in which there are multicolored diversity and rich cultural heritage. Along with this, it has also brought itself in variance with changing times.
And now it is also counted in the category of the world’s most industrialized countries.Being the seventh largest country in the world, India looks different from the rest of Asia, which has been characterized by the mountain and the sea, and it gives it a distinct geographical identity. After independence, India has made multi-dimensional social and economic progress in the last 67 years. Explain that there are some interesting facts about India that make India completely different from the world, so today I have some interesting facts about India I’ll tell you which you have probably heard before.

Top 10 Amazing facts about India

  1. Largest Postal Network
  2. The biggest Kumbh Mela
  3. India is the wettest place on earth
  4. Shampoo invented
  5. India never attacked any country in the history of one lac years
  6. In ancient times, India was the only source of diamond
  7. India is the world’s largest vegetarian population
  8. Plastic Surgery Begins
  9. Lowest divorce in the world in India
  10. World’s most gold

Largest Postal Network

India has the world’s largest postal network, because the Internet facility in India was very later, before the post offices were opened in India, 1,55,015 post offices in India Is the largest postal network with 1, 39,144 (89.76%) in the rural areas, there were 23,344 post offices at the time of self-sufficiency, which was mainly in urban areas. Thus, after the independence of this network, this network has increased times and this expansion is mainly done in rural areas. On average, a post office is 21.21 sq km. Area and 7,175 population, therefore there is so much post office.

Kumbh Mela Amazing facts about India :

Kumbh Mela is an important festival of Hinduism, where hundreds of devotees bath in Kumbh Mela, Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain and Nashik, this type of Kumbh Mela takes place only one year and it lasts for a month in a year. But the year 2011 was the largest fair in the history of Nashik India, where 75 lakh people had gathered in the Nashik pilgrims and it was a special thing that this fair was so huge and its crowd was visible from space, this image was 403 miles above the earth. Height and was actually seen by “IKONOS Satellite” with AM 10.30 AM.

India is the wettest place on earth

In the Guinness Book of World Records, the name of the monastery is recorded in India’s Meghalaya as the most humid place in the world. There is a lot of moisture due to the Bay of Bengal and due to the hills of high hills of 1491 meters, this moisture gets condensed as well. It has an average annual rainfall of 11,871millimeters. There is a lot of greenery in this area. There are fascinating waterfalls and there are attractive mountain caves beneath the falling waterfalls. It is located 10 miles east and hence this place is famous throughout the world.

Invention of shampoo

A shampoo is a product for hair care that is used by almost all of today, all for taking care of their hair, they use shampoo to show good. Shampoo was invented in India too. Many varieties of herbs were found in India. In ancient times, large researchers loved the samples from herbs; modern shampoo came into being in the 1930s, Synthetic shampoo.

Not attacked any country for a million years

This is an interesting and Amazing facts about India is that India is a country in the world that has not attacked any other country in its so-called history, and many attacks on India, but other countries had initiated many attacks on India and India was able to stop them peacefully. tries to

In ancient times, India was the only source of diamond

This is also an Amazing facts about India is that Before 1986, India is the only country in the world where diamonds were found and known to me from here abroad, at that time foreigners attacked many attacks in India to obtain diamonds because diamonds were not available abroad. India’s diamond farming was the diamond of Kohinihunar, which has once been the world’s largest known diamond, is said to have been removed from the Golconda mine of India. Today, in England, India has tried very hard to bring it, but till now the score has not been brought to India.

India is the world’s largest vegetarian population

There are many such countries in the world where there is a huge trade of meat but this an Amazing facts about India is that it is the world’s second largest in this matter because the people who eat meat in India are the lowest because there are people of different religions in India and most of them are vegetarians. According to the SRS survey, 71% of the population in India is non-vegetarian and only 28.85% are vegative. Most people eating meat are Telang In Anna, 98.7% people are non-vegetarian in Telangana. States like Haryana, West Bengal (98.55%), Orissa (97.35%) and Kerala (97%) and the least eaten states come in some states like Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan.

Plastic Surgery Begins

Today the craze too much plastic surgery and it completely capped in the world, however, due to the expensive procedure is confined to wealthy families had the first plastic surgery in the world in India and that too 600 BC. That being said, then start facial plastic surgery in north India went Thykilektroniks engineer said Iyer claims beginning of plastic surgery in India Sushruta had Thysusrut the ‘father of medicine‘ called plastic Greece Hippocrates surgery had before. Iyer says that is why the Sushruta names of many hospitals in India. Citing official documents Iyer says that removing the skin from the forehead in northern India used elsewhere on her face.

Lowest divorce in the world in India

You may be surprised to learn and Amazing facts about India is that it has the lowest divorce in the world, India has a divorce behind every 100 married in India that are rarely cases of divorce is much less so because India’s courts than other countries many countries give figures reveal too much? to you that divorce 100 every hour in the United States and many days and many countries importance divorce is illegal, such as the Philippines and other countries in which the Divorce is illegal here were the first divorce he is also by fax and very good position in terms of divorce in India.

World’s most gold.

You talk may surprise near Indian housewives are said to have the most gold in the world than foreign housewives India women possess much does gold and gold is considered auspicious in India, people in the house take too much place like the world 11 percent of the duodenum gold and if it is higher than abroad so many countries ladies Nothing  holds gold and the gold consumption in India is very high and the highest consumption of gold in India is among the countries in the world.
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