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4 Most inspiring stories that can change your life

Stories That Can Change Your LIfe

Today I am presenting some true stories which can change our life ………… ..

Stories That Can Change Our Life

These stories prove that nothing is impossible …………………………


Do you know when the elephant’s child is small then it is tied with thin and weak rope. Because the elephant’s child is small and weak, it can not run away by breaking the rope. But when the elephant’s child becomes bigger and stronger, even then he is tied with a thin and weak rope, which he can easily break, but he does not break that rope and stays tied. Why does this happen

This is because because when the elephant’s child is small, she repeatedly tries to escape the rope and escape, but because of weakness, she can not break that thin rope and, finally, assumes that she never Can not break the rope. Even when the elephant’s child grows up, he understands that he can not break that rope and he does not try. Thus, he is tied to a small rope due to his false beliefs or false beliefs, whereas he is one of the most powerful animals in the world.


Bumblebee Story

According to scientists, the body of the bhoorra is very heavy. Therefore, according to the rules of science, he can not fly. But the bumblebee does not know this and he believes that he can fly. That is why he constantly tries and he fails to give up even after failing because he thinks he can fly. Eventually the bumblebee is successful in flying.



Friends, nothing is impossible in this life, the only human being has been created. When the invention of telephone and radio was not invented, the world and science used to believe that reaching hundreds of kilometers in a short time, the impossible, but today is part of our life.
Similarly, until the invention of the aircraft, the science world believed that it was not possible for humans to fly in the sky, but when the Wright brothers invented the plane, it turned into “impossible”, “possible” (Impossible Becomes Possible



Take the matter of cricket – In this huge history of one-day cricket, there was not even a double century by 2010, but in the 4th year of Sachin Tendulkar’s double century in 2010, only 7 and double centuries Went Was this a coincidence? Why did this happen?
This is because because before 2010, when no one had scored a double century, everyone’s mindset was that it was very difficult to get double hundred. Because this record was not broken by anyone, it seemed to be nominal. But when Sachin made a double century, the mindset of everyone changed and it seemed that it is difficult to make a double century but it is not good.

Nothing is impossible in this world, “nominal” is our delusion or false belief that is finally proved wrong.

“We can do all that we can think and we can think of all that we have not thought to date”

We make Wrong Beliefs, and for this reason any work seems difficult or impossible.

What we are today is the result of our thinking. What we think, we become like that – (We become, what we think). “Impossible” or “Impossible” is the result of our thinking.

“It is what we believe and believe in.”

According to the laws of physics science can not fly but he believes that he can fly, so he flies, while the elephant can easily break the rope easily but he believes that he can not break that rope, hence the rope Can not break. |

It depends on us that we have to be a slave of our own thinking like an elephant or independent of the body. If we believe and believe in ourselves that we can do anything then nothing is worthwhile for us ——————– Nothing Is Impossible.

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