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11 Strengths of Narendra Modi- Narendra Modi Success Story- LIFE OF NARENDRA MODI

Narendra Damodardas Modi | Born 17September 1950 | Currently the Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi is a leader in reality and all the troubles in front of him weaken. This is his personality, which is why he is the Prime Minister of India today and he is looking at the world’s eyes. Narendra Modi has become the ideal of most people of India and by examining the qualities of his personality, we can also make our personality perfect because it is our personality and character that makes us successful.

So let’s know what is the secret of Narendra Modi’s success: –



The biggest secret of Narendra Modi’s success is that he works very hard. At the time
of election, he slept only for 3-4 hours and he worked 18hours even
after becoming the Prime Minister. Hard work increases the confidence of a person
and all the paths of success open up. This is Modi’s hard work, due to which a tea
seller is today the Prime Minister of India.

Self-Confidence (SELF-CONFIDENCE): –

  • Narendra Modi is confident of gossip He is not afraid of troubles and always gets inspired and upbeat. Self confidence is where there is no “fear” of any kind.

Right Decision on Right Time (RIGHT DECISION AT RIGHT TIME): –

  • Modi’s timing is awful and they take each of their decisions at the right time. The more important the decision is, its timing is equally important. Narendra Modi called the heads of all the countries at the oath ceremony and took the right decision at the right time. Modi did not make air promises and in the first budget of his government, it was emphasized that the first incomplete plans will be completed first. Modi continues to meet with his MPs and advises them to spend more time in Parliament, avoid work on the matter and avoid flawless rhetoric.

Practicality and Attire: –

  • The voice of Modi is strong and he has the art of uttering ghazb. When Modi speaks to the public, then he speaks to the public and speaks sharply and when he talks with the heads of foreign countries, he talks with great comfort and peaceful manner.
  • Modi goes wherever he goes. Talking about wherever Modi goes, if he goes to Rajasthan, he talks about the characteristics of Rajasthan and if he goes to Nepal, he talks about the beauty of Nepal. That’s why people in that area think of themselves as Modi.
  • Modi gives special attention to his clothes and hence today he has become a style icon and has a special demand for his style clothing in the market.

POSITIVE THINKING: – Modi recommends positive thinking and optimism. They talk like a motivational guru and inspire others. They start the work positively and make life live to fulfill it. Modi does not care about criticism and replies to critics. They know that if criticism does not have a sense of humor, then the criticism is beneficial for them because they are promoted without any cost.


Modi creates creative thinking and creativity. They always solve problems, through creative ideas. He launched www.mygov.nic.inwebsite so that he could join the public directly and get the important suggestions of the people. The main means of campaigning for Modi was social media and it reflects his creative thinking.

Talk to India (INDIA FIRST): –

Narendra Modi talks more about India than his party, which makes him different from other party leaders. Narendra Modi knows that if India becomes strong then his party will be strengthened itself, but other parties did not understand this and he had to suffer this in the elections. Narendra Modi has presented his party in such a way that he has not been a good choice in front of the public.

Accepts change: –

If compared to Congress and BJP in this Lok Sabha election, the biggest difference was that the Congress adopted its old method and could not understand the feelings of the people, but Modi understood that the people want development or not because of the politics of religion. Narendra Modi did not talk about religion in any of his meetings.

Walk with everyone: –

Modi’s mantra “Sabka Katha, Sabka Vikas” (SABAKA SATH, SABAKA VIKAS) is also like the US today. Modi always keeps trying to take everyone with him. It has always been seen that whenever there is a new government, there is always a difference of opinion about the ministerial post, but there is no difference between the government of Modi today, whereas in some years ago, in the BJP only to see many differences Used to meet One particular thing of Modi is that they resolve them before they come out.

Discipline (DISCIPLINE): –

Since Modi has been a government, he has been working as a professional CEO and taking a continuous class of his MPs and giving them strict instructions that the MPs should attend Parliament’s proceedings and reach Parliament on time. It was his discipline that he used to 4 to 4 rallies together and worked 18-20 hours a day.

Physical competency: –

Modi is a fit leader and he does not seem tired anymore despite his hard work. They are always filled with Confidence and their energy level is never less

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  • 11 Strengths of Narendra Modi- Narendra Modi Success Story- LIFE OF NARENDRA MODI

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