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100+ unbelievable Facts of Science You Must Know !!

180 Amazing Facts of Science You Must Know !!

Science has always been a repository of interesting information. In science, we get to hear such wonderful and strange stories that are beyond our thinking and understanding, which are a bit difficult to understand and believe in them also a little bit It is difficult. You will have heard many things about science which are very difficult to believe but that is true, so today we are going to tell you some interesting facts and interesting information in this post which you hardly have heard and If you like these interesting facts, do not forget to share it.
  1. In the midwestern part of the USA, there was a terrible whirlwind that passed over a farm of chickens. All the wings of the cyclone blew the whirlwind winds.
  2. Sometimes rainbow rises out at night. These are known as the Moonbo and their color is completely white.
  3. If the whole ice on the northern and southern poles melts, the water level of all the oceans will increase by 180feet.
  4. Mountaineering winds in Mount Washington, New Hampshire in the United States, over the course of more than 100days in Mount Washington.
  5. During the 1556earthquakes, 8 000people died in China.
  6. By the way, the mountains of snow float in the Isisburg salt seas, but most of these are made of fresh (sweet) water.
  7. Rain drops are not like the drops of tear. They look like pakodi or flour dough to see.
  8. The male and female elephants sometimes trap their segments, as if holding hands with one another.
  9. Gorillas are so afraid of water that they do not even drink it. All the needs of their water are fulfilled by eating fruits and plants.
  10. Giraffe never slept more than an hour at a time.
  11. The tongue of the young giraffes is 18inches long and black.
  12. Elephants continue to grow throughout life. Often the eldest member of the elephant gang is the oldest.
  13. Turco I am a beautiful African bird. His red color is washed in the rain.
  14. Air does not sound as long as it does not go against any object.
  15. No matter how low temperatures, gasoline never accumulates.
  16. Scientists have not been able to determine what was the color of dinosaurs till date.
  17. One day on Venus is larger than one year of Earth.
  18. The circuit of Venus bends up to 177degrees and the Uranus bends up to 97 degrees.
  19. About 98percent of our body’s atoms are changed every year.
  20. Hot water is more heavier than cold water.
  21. All the planets of the solar system can join in Jupiter.
  22. The word “Scientist” was first used in 1883.
  23. Power dropped from the sky is 5times hotter than the sun.
  24. When the plane returns from space, the length of them increases by 2 inches. The reason for this is that flexible bones attached to our spinal cord get spread in the absence of gravity force.
  25. One person can live one month without eating but 7 days without water. If the amount of water in the body is less than 1 percent then you start to feel thirsty. If this quantity is reduced by 10 percent then you will die.
  26. The sound will move about 15times more speed in the air than the air.
  27. When the speed of a jet plane is 1000kilometers per hour then the length of an atom decreases.
  28. When hydrogen burns in the air then water becomes the result of this action.
  29. The light takes 100,000 years to go from one end of the galaxy to the other end.
  30. The weight of a medium-sized cloud is equal to 80 elephants.
  31. Ploutonium is the first element created by humans.
  32. So far only one meteorite has been destroyed by a single meteorite. This satellite was the Olympics (1993) of the European Space Agency.
  33. If you go into space, you will die before the body bursts instead of kneeling because there is no air pressure.
  34. Radioactive element Americanium-241is used in many smoked substances.
  35. Earth is the only planet whose name has not been named above any god or masculine has been kept.
  36. According to Albert Einestein, we see millions of stars in the sky at night and there is no other place. We have the light of many hundred thousand light years left by him.
  37. When the moon is absolutely on your head then your weight gets a little reduced.
  38. You must be surprised to know that you can start a fire from a piece of ice.
  39. Fahraniheit Scale and Celsius are equal to –40degrees.
  40. The planet Venus has not leaned around its axis like the other planets, and therefore it does not have seasons, and it revolves around the Sun from the other planets on the opposite direction.
  41. There is no ‘j’ letter in the Periodic Table of Elements.
  42. If the crocodile wants to jump straight up from the water, it can catch the bird flying in its mouth.
  43. Anablaps’ There are two eyes in each sphere of fish.
  44. Most of the snakes actually showed in the film, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, were not actually snakes. They were angledus’ -is a lizard without leg.
  45. Owl can rotate his neck almost in the entire circle.
  46. There was a search dog – Bodie. His two feet-one next second became the last-bad. Still he learned to walk The body could climb on the stairs and could run as fast as any healthy dog.
  47. Molecule is actually like small rat. They keep on eating all the time. If they do not get food even for a few hours, then they will die.
  48. Male Sahi (Pourakupine) sings in high tide to attract females ready for sexual intercourse.
  49. In many zoos, they are free to paint the elephants to recreate the mind. Elephants make a picture on the canvas using their nest as a bush.
  50. Some cobra snakes spit poison in the eyes of their enemies. This poison is very painful in the eyes. And the enemy can be completely blind too.
  51. The bird named ‘turn’, which lives in the North Pole, flies to the longest distance
  52. She goes. While traveling from the North Pole to the South Pole, he decides the distance of 22 000 miles per year.
  53. Dogs of ‘Prairie’ grasslands live in large herds. A colony of these dogs was discovered in 1901. There were 40million dogs in it and spread over 25,000 square miles of area.
  54. Some small animals fall asleep in the cold and sleep in winter. After a few weeks, they get up and eat and drink and get stomach-urine.
  55. The sheep never floats for fun. But if they fall into a river or get trapped in the flood then they can reach their shores easily by running their feet like a paddle.
  56. Snakes sniff with their tongue.
  57. Some fish keep their eggs in their mouth for several weeks. When the babies get ready to leave the eggs, they take them out of their mouth.
  58. Jupiter (Jupiter) It has 16moons in which Gannimad is the largest. It is also the largest moon of our solar system. Its size is twice the size of the planet Yum (Pluto).
  59. Astronomers believed that Mercury would have been another planet between this and the Sun. They gave it the name ‘Vulcan’.
  60. There is no force of gravity in space, so after leaving the earth, the height of the astronauts increases by two inches.
  61. The name of a moon of Jupiter (Jupiter) is’ Europe. ‘. There can be a very good skating rink on it, because the Europa is completely covered with several miles thick ice layer.
  62. Pulsars are such stars which move very fast – at speeds of 1000 rotational speed per second.
  63. Jupiter (Jupiter) Saturn (Saturn) Varuni (Uranus) and Varun Neptune These are not really concrete. They are big balls of fluid and gas.
  64. The temperature of the Sun’s center is 1.59 million degrees. is.
  65. The largest volcano in our solar system is on Mars. His name is ‘Olympus Mommas’. It is 17miles high and its area is more than the Arizona state of America.
  66. Yum Pluto takes 247years to make the planet a revolution in the Sun. There are about 10 000 million stars in our galaxy.
  67. The highest amount of substance found in the world is hydrogen.
  68. Jupiter (Jupiter) Saturn (Saturn) is the ring (ring) around Varuni (Uranus) and Varuna (Neptune) planets.
  69. ‘There is a star in the black hole that has collapsed. The strength of gravity around the black hole is so strong that none of them can get out. Black holes are invisible because a ray of light can not even come out from them.
  70. When the woods go for hunting, they raise the voice of lunatics.
  71. A camel can drink 30gallons (about 135liters) of water within 10minutes.
  72. When the rhinos do not get enough grass to eat, they sometimes eat other animals. In the dung of animals, Dado gets partially residual grass.
  73. Green ‘Mamba’ is a very venomous African snake. He hides in the twigs of trees and falls down on the living creatures and makes them prey.
  74. Scientists think that Jabra’s skin is black and has white streaks on it, not black strips on white skin.
  75. Birds with spiny-winged ‘flowers’ spend their time in crocodile’s mouth. These birds eat after removing all the scratches in crocodile teeth and thus help the crocodiles.
  76. A group of rhinos is called ‘cash’. The rhinoceros horn is not made from bone, but it is made of tightly tied hair.
  77. Axpacers’ bird zebra collects their food by roasting chicks in the skin of animals and rhinos.
  78. The child of an elephant drinks his mother’s milk till the age of five.
  79. When an ostrich takes a gape, then when the other member of the herd starts to gobble after seeing him Seeing the ostriches of the ostrich gambling, people present there also usually begin to groan.
  80. In Africa there are ‘Bonobo caste chimpanzees’. The chimpanzees of the other castes beat each other and even kill the other. But chimpanzees of ‘Bonobo’ castes are peaceful people and cooperate with others.
  81. Hippopotamus leaves a pink fluid, which does not burn its skin even in the strong sunlight. If this liquid is applied to people’s body then it can work in a good sun-skin lotion i.e. sun protection.
  82. If you eat nothing else and eat only carrots then your color will be orange. Carrot has a substance called ‘carotene’, which can make the skin orange by eating more quantity.
  83. Sundu plant eats insects. Those insects that sit on the plant sticks on their sticky hair. The hair surrounds the insects completely. Then a fluid is released from the plant, causing the worm to become digested.
  84. The oldest tree in the world is Mathusilla ‘. This pine species has padded california. Mathusila ‘is approximately 4600 years old.
  85. In South Africa, a fig tree was found whose roots were 400 feet deep.
  86. The tallest grass in the world is ‘stale bamboo’. These bamboos found in India go up to 120feet height.
  87. The greatest living thing on earth is ‘General Sharman’. It is a giant sekoya pied that is in California. ‘General Sherman’ is 275 feet high and its weight is nearly 2000tons.
  88. The portion of people who eat broccoli (green cabbage flowers)
  89. Actually the flower of the plant occurs.
  90. If you touch the plant of Mimosa facade (‘Chhai Mui’) then its small leaves will quickly fall and its branches will fall on the stem.
  91. Cucumber pumpkin and tomato vegetable are not fruit.
  92. Fruits such as khumani and plums, which contain kernels, are called ‘doup’ (lipstick).
  93. Termites make their bunts like dunes from mud for their living, which can be up to 30 feet high.
  94. The insects have small holes on both sides of the body. They breathe in with them. The most varieties of animals in the world are insects called ‘Beetle’.
  95. Even if cockroach’s head is cut, it can remain alive for several weeks.
  96. Often the female spider eats the female after sexual intercourse in ‘Black Widow’ species spiders.
  97. The male butterfly sniffs the female several miles away.
  98. During the rainy days water bills are filled with water bills, so they often climb on the vertical walls of the bills.
  99. Butterflies are active in the day.
  100. The world’s most harmful bugs are desert locusts. Their large herd can sweep 20,000 tons of grains and plants in the same day.
  101. In many countries of the world, people eat insects. Many insects get quality vitamins and minerals from us.
  102. Flea can be kept in ice for a year. After melting the ice the flea will then be alive. Flea can jump 100times more than its body length.
  103. Female ticks (tic) sucks blood sucking in two days and becomes 200 times more heavier than its weight.
  104. Goliath Beetle ‘(beetles) are so powerful that children often wear small toys and vehicles from them and enjoy the race between the beetles.
  105. The world’s longest worm ‘Stick Inject’ is 15 inches tall. It looks like a branch of a tree to see. “
  106. When a bee receives food, he goes back to the hive and gives this good news to other bees through a dance. The other bees know the distance and direction of food from the dances of this dance.
  107. Mosquitoes cut more women than men
  108. Some cats get hold of the ants of the other colony and they work as slaves and laborers.
  109. Boys’ hairs grow faster than girls.
  110. People sleep for two hours every night while sleeping.
  111. A person breathes about 23 000 times a day.
  112. Man’s brain loads only 1kilogram of 300grams, but uses 20percent of the body’s total energy.
  113. Mammals are the most powerful muscles in the human body. They are located on either side of the mouth and do chewing.
  114. In our body parts, small insects of hundreds of eight feet remain resident. These are called kittaki (mites).
  115. Hand nails grow four times faster than the nails of the feet.
  116. The human body has about five million hairs.
  117. Most of the dust found in the house is the skin of dead skin. They keep falling from the skin of the people of the house.
  118. Small children do not shed tears while crying. After a few weeks their tears are formed.
  119. Lungs of human beings are pink in color during birth. As they grow older, the lungs become deeper in their breathing by the air of polluted air.
  120. Manipulation of hematurides in the human body is 60 000 miles long.
  121. If you work with the right hand, the fingers of your right hand grow faster than the left hand. If you work with the left hand then the reverse will be true.
  122. Human right lung is larger and heavier than left.
  123. Some people do not drink water at all, that means they are allergic to water. When these people cry, then the vines are blisters on their face.
  124. Man’s heart beats about a million times in the day.
  125. The first organisms of the earth were bacteria and algae (algae). Their origin on Earth was 350million years ago.
  126. At any given time all the continents of the Earth were interconnected. The name of that big continent that made them the most was Panjaya.
  127. In a time, the city of Texas in Texas was a desert marshland and contained 50 feet long crocodile.
  128. Dinosaur ‘often accidentally put legs on each other’s tail. This caused the bones of their tail to break down.
  129. The terrible and poisonous creatures of the name of the pyrosaur used to live in the ocean. They often beat the biggest sharks in battle with their giant heads with powerful teeth and jaws.
  130. In the era of the dinosaur, the sarisarp – ‘terosaur’ was used to live. The panes of the pterosaur were made of skin and not on the sides.
  131. According to scientists, the largest living creature was a pterosaur named ‘Quetzalcoatlas’. The distance between her wings was 40 feet and her load was about 64kg.
  132. The earliest bird ‘archeopititrex’ originated from a small carnivorous dinosaur. Some scientists today are also called ‘living dinosaur’ birds.
  133. Stagosaurus’ was a giant dinosaur. His weight was 2 tons, but his brain was equal to the walnut and the load was only 55 grams.
  134. The dinosaur’s neck, named BarrySaurus, was 40 feet long. According to some scientists, he had 8 hearts so that through his long neck, blood could be pumped to reach the brain.
  135. North America was much more warmer than before. There was so much heat that in a time the trees also grew on the North Pole.
  136. The biggest bird named till now was the name of Demoris Stirtoni. His weight was more than half a ton.
  137. In North America, once the animals like pigs lived, their name was
  138. Oriiodontas. By their name, it seems that they liked cream-rich biscuits but these animals only used to eat flora.
  139. Millions of years ago, in the North American epigoulos’ species of rats lived. These rats had two small horns on the nose, perhaps they would dig its bill.
  140. Before the history, there was a species of elephants in North America, whose mouth was like a big belt. At the end of that shovel there were two big tooth teeth.
  141. The largest mammal organism on earth was ‘Giraffe Rhinoceros’. He was found in Asia. His weight was 15tons. It was 27feet tall and 18feet high.
  142. During the ‘Cold Era’, most parts of North America were covered with glaciers. The ice cream layer was two miles thicker somewhere.
  143. In northern and southern America, there were once a ‘Armadillo’, which was as big as a motorcar. His body was locked in the hard shell of the bones. There was a large narrow knob behind the tail of something.
  144. Koala ‘is not actually the bear. Like many mammalian livestock living in Australia, Koala is also a sage (Marusual) – whose small children grow and grow in a bag.
  145. Koala smells like cough bullets because they only eat Eucalyptus leaves.
  146. Koala sleeps for 22hours a day.
  147. A frog living in the desert of Australia sleeps inside the ground for 11 months a year. He comes up from the ground only in a few days of rain and eats and eats.
  148. When Kangaroo is born, it is equivalent to a bee. Kangaroo’s child lives in her mother’s pouch for 33weeks, where she grows up after drinking milk.
  149. Kangaroo is a good swimmer.
  150. Tasmanian devils (devil) are actually marsupials and look like big rats. They grow and have sharp teeth. In the famous cartoons of Tasmania, the Tasmanian ‘Devil’ is called ‘Taj’. But it is faster and more vulnerable to these rats.
  151. Potoru ‘are small Kengaroo and the rabbits are as big as they are.
  152. Dio ‘are wild Australian dogs. Some people catch dingo puppets and keep them By becoming big they become good pets.
  153. Only two mammals live in the world in the world – Platypus ‘and Sticky Antiter’. Both are found in Australia.
  154. ‘Kishwari’ is a 5-foot-high Australian bird. On his head there is a hard hat made of bones and feet have sharp edges. Qorawari can kill a man with a heavy luster.
  155. In the ankles of the male ‘platypus’ there are fangs claws. These claws are so full of venom which will be enough to kill a dog.
  156. ‘Bandikoot’ is a masupial with a short and pointed face like a rat.
  157. The badicut pouch opens back. That is why when he digs the ground, he does not fill the soil in it.
  158. On the Moon, the footprints of astronauts will remain the same for millions of years. There is no air on the moon so that the footprints are gone.
  159. In America, a woman from Alabama fell on a meteor. Meteorite stones fall from outer space. The meteor first fell on the roof of his house and then collided between his arm and waist.
  160. The moon is gradually moving away from the Earth. He goes about two inches away in a hundred years.
  161. Goats are very hungry to eat. Hungry goats sometimes fall on trees and their leaflets are fluttered.
  162. The marine oysters known as ‘kyawag’ survive for 220 years. They are the longest living creatures in the sea.
  163. The world’s smallest dog was probably a dog of Yorkshire’s terrier species. It was only 5centimeters long and its load was just 115 grams. The lobster shrimp, which lives in the lakes’ Pet Leaks, eats itself. If the oyster shell makes it big, it eats it.
  164. Big rabbits live in the snowy region of the northern pole of Canada. They are known as ‘North Polar Rabbits’. Like the kangaroos, they put holes on the back legs and their flocks are sometimes up to 1 000 rabbits.
  165. Large frogs toss the todds, small frogs flutter.
  166. Most snakes give eggs but some give birth to live children too.
  167. A fish called ‘walking catfish’ can go from one lake to another by crawling on the ground with the help of its tail and pisces fin.
  168. In Asia, snakes flying in some dense joints of the tropics remain. He flies from one tree to another tree.
  169. Woodchuck ‘is the animal of the species of squirrels. Male woodchick is called hi-chak and the female is shi-chak.
  170. Bats can eat so many insects in one night, which is half their weight.
  171. Tuatara ‘is a lizard whose tail breaks fast. If an enemy catches the tail of Tuatarata, then the lizard jumps away from its tail and runs away. Later the new tail of lizard starts to grow.
  172. The most tornadoes in the whole world come to the United States.
  173. There has been rain many times in animal history. People have seen frogs sprinkling fish snakes, pots, etc., many times from the sky.
  174. The nine-striped armadillo ‘always gives birth to either four male children or four female children.
  175. There is a fish – ‘Black swallow’. He swallows his own double-sized fish.
  176. Just before the tremors of the massive earthquake in 1964 in Alaska, the Kodiak ‘species bear left their hibernation and started running away from the caves.
  177. The world’s great waterfall, Niagara Falls, stopped watering for two days. On the Lake of Erie, a dam was made from ice, which stopped burning water in the water and stream.
  178. In the city of Browning, the US state of Montana, the temperature fell 100 degrees in one day – that is, +44degrees to –5 6degrees Fahrenheit.
  179. On the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is another island in the Hawaiian Islands. This island is actually a volcano dipped inside the ocean. Because of the lava coming out of it, the size of the island is increasing rapidly.
  180. Sometimes carbon dioxide clouds arise in the deadly lakes of Africa’s Cameroon country, where wild animals and people die.
  181. Florida has the highest power (lightning) falling compared to any other state in the US.

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