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10 Inspirational Life Thoughts from MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – A wonderful leader, a good player and a good person. Nobody thought that a boy born in the middle-class family of “Ranchi”, a boy from India, will be surrounded by the world on his own stubbornness. Dhoni is more than a “cricket player”, who has proved that if you trust yourself then the whole process will stand in your right.

Dhoni’s personality and his life are filled with such moments that Dhoni can be written as a leader and a book of management. Let’s know Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s personality and things related to life


“It’s like having 100 kgs put over you After that, even if you put a mountain, it will not make a difference. “

– MS Dhoni

Listening to your heart

Dhoni has more faith in himself than the whole world, and he always does what he feels right. That’s why Dhoni has made history. In his childhood, his father wanted to leave sports and get a good job, but he listened to his heart.

Due to being from middle class family, he has played TC in Railways along with the game for 3 years. Also did the job But when he felt that his job was affecting his game due to his job, he quit his job in an instant, though he knew that in this decision family and society will probably not accompany him.

There have been found many decisions on the field of cricket, which are far from common thinking. In the last over of the T-20 World Cup final, he bowled a new player, Joginder Singh. Dhoni had so much confidence in himself and his players that the Indian team, standing on the verge of defeat, won the match in a magical manner.

The magic of Dhoni’s faith has been shown many times and when he has heard the voice of his heart, then luck has helped him.

Never give up

Keeping the struggle till the last ball of the game is the nature of Dhoni. That is why Dhoni is considered the best finisher in cricket. This is equally true for other aspects of their life. There were many occasions when the circumstances forced them to leave the cricket. But they did their best by trying hard.

Performing better under pressure

Regardless of the circumstances, Dhoni is always calm and keeps thinking about his game. If the last ball of the game needs more runs then many players lose their wickets in excitement and pressure. But Dhoni is such a player whose game also fits in these situations. Dhoni has won many matches by putting 3-4 boundary in the last over.

taking responsibility

In the 2011 Cricket World Cup final, Dhoni came to betting on top of the order. As a captain, he could easily come back to the previous ranks and put the responsibility of crossing the opposition’s team to any other player, but he picked up this responsibility himself. He often kept the strike with no runs in the over over to win India match, while he knew that if his decision was wrong, he would have to face heavy criticism.

It is Dhoni’s confidence, which gives him the courage to hear the heart’s voice in the noise of the whole world.

Being an example in front of your fellow players

Dhoni is one of those select captains, who present himself an example in front of his team. First of all, getting rid of sweating by jaming in the field first is one of their everyday activities. They make the same rules for themselves and for other players who play in their captaincy, who themselves do the most. Their work becomes the inspiration for other players.

Respecting Humility and Others

Despite being the captain of the world champions team and the country’s celebrity celebrity, Dhoni has always been a humble and attractive person. He has never proud of being bigger. It is the magic of Dhoni’s personality that Sachin, Sehwag and Yuvraj played senior players in the captaincy of Dhoni and he made a strong team that gave India the World Cup.

To mold itself according to the circumstances

Dhoni is one of the most versatile cricketers in the world. He has also succeeded in the country and beyond the country. If he is the best in keeping wicket, then in betting, no less than anyone. Whether they are leading the Indian team or the IPL is full of foreign players. Of the team, they adapt themselves under all circumstances.

When he was not the captain, his method of batting was different and he played freely, but when he became the captain, he took responsibility as a leader and battered according to the circumstances. “Change is the only life”, Dhoni has realized this idea.


Whether Dhoni is being praised or condemned, Dhoni has never allowed the effect of all these on his game. His concentration is always on his game. It is amazing for their concentration that in such situations, many players have been so clever and hastily dismissed that Batsmen did not even think in the dream that he would be out like this.

He kept events happening in his personal life separate from his sports life. Keeping yourself separate from the distraction around you is an important feature of any successful captain.

Learning from your failure

Dhoni faced failures in his life several times, but every time he positively accepted the failure. They believe that every failure gives a chance to learn something new.

The failure of not getting a chance in the under-19 team in his early career did not disappoint him. Dhoni started playing first-class cricket at the age of 18 and did not find a place in international cricket till the age of 23. In such circumstances, no one can give up, but these failures strengthened Dhoni.

Break a sweat

There is no substitute for hard work. Dhoni used to sweat in the field for hours to improve his game. He played cricket for 3 years and along with T.C. Also have a job Today, even at the age of 36, Dhoni team runs faster than all the players in India and it is almost nominal for any team to run them out. They are quick enough to do wicket-keeping that sometimes batsmen do not know when they have been out. This great player has never been easy.

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